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What is the first set of tools you install on any workstation

Feb 18, 2020 4:54:49 PM / by Dan

Compiled from a Reddit sysadmin post, only selecting lists of tools as some are pretty good.

  • Linux, if it's a Windows PC, otherwise macOS is fine.
  • homebrew
  • VirtualBox and Linux :-)
  • ... nothing. - I work in so many secured areas that you can't install tools without approval
  • Spotify. And uBlock origin. Then work from there.
  • chocolatey, then pass it an XML config file with the entire list of things it’ll install: all my browsers, VS Code, Notepad++, Royal TS, SSMS, Powershell Core, WSL, name it
  • RSAT, Putty, VNC, rAdmin and other remote support tools we use, vSphere client, Notepad++, Wireshark, Sysinternals suite
  • 7zip, PowerShell 7, Windows Terminal Preview, Firefox, the new Chromium Edge, mRemoteNG, VSCode, neovim, git, sed, RSAT, Captura, WindowGrid, WSL2 + Ubuntu 18.04
  • Nmap, vim, git, 7zip
  • tarball of my basic dotfiles (.bashrc, .vimrc, .screenrc), iterm2, MacVim
  • My script does dotfiles (and homebrew, if it's a mac) first, then cli tools, then languages (python, ruby, perl) and virtual envs, then misc dev & productivity tools (docker, vagrant, ansible, puppet, slack, browsers, nmap, wireshark, IDEs, etc), and finally all my desktop settings (shortcuts & keybindings, themes, preferences, etc).
  • Ms rdcman, Putty, PowerCLI for VMWare, Chrome, Firefox,Notepad++, Winscp, FTP/SFTP client (currently FileZilla), Sysinternals stuff, Hpe ilo/oa powershell modules, 7zip, Foxit pdf reader
  • I install the Royal TS suite, and RDP sessions
  • salt-minion. Then I run the sls file with all the junk from the master
  • Firefox and putty
  • I install Firefox, VS Code, Pycharm, fish, z, mc, Keepass
  • office, and notepad++, the rest is on a jump server with restricted access
  • Chromium, text editor, curl, dnsutils/bind-tools (package name depends on distro), rsync, FreeRDP, mpv, youtube-dl, strace, ltrace
  • RVTools, RSAT, Remote Desktop Manager (Free), Sublime Text 3, Python3, Git Bash / Powershell already has ssh built in. But I like to have both, 7Zip
  • Edge, VS Code + PowerShell, Git, Office 2016, AnyRAIL, KeePass, Fiddler, Teams, NMAP
  • Terminals, putty, advanced IP scanner. Teams if they have office 365 along with Office. Foxit PDF. Hyperv if my PC has enough ram and power
  • Notepad++ (with XML Tools and TextFX plugins), MobaXterm, and Tortise GIT
  • Atom, git, Firefox, vlc, 7zip, Wsl/debian
  • RSAT tools
  • Tmux, minicom, wireshark
  • Gpos push av
  • dropbox (which I use to then symlink my profile), jq, xclip, aws cli, aws-shell
  • Royal TS, NordVPN Teams, RSAT, Minicom
  • mRwmoteNG Keypass VS code and Powershell Notepad ++ Various Cisco UC tools SYSInternals and Orca Hyper V because I build the image that way. Green shot for screen caps
  • perl ... that's it
  • AD Tidy, Royal TS, Notepad++, Powerhell modules needed for 365 admin, Intune package manager, Snagit.. and 1Password!
  • vim, jq, pycharm, aws cli, Chromium, tcpdump, wireshark, rclone, docker, pyenv, python 3, pip, and git
  • my various config files..vimrc tmux.conf .zprofile This is followed by iterm if on osx, homebrew, tmux, zsh, oh-my-zsh - handled by a shell script I pull from my git repo
  • RSAT PowerShell Core 6/7 AzureADPreview Module MSOnline Module ExchangeOnlineManagement Module VMware.PowerCLI Module PowerShell Studio VS Code Notepad++ SysInternals Firefox ESR Edge (chromium)
  • Linux subsystem for Windows and Debian from Windows Store along with various Cisco UC tools and VSphere. RDP for anything else (Domain Controller, Hyper-V Server, SQL Server, etc...)
  • RSAT, Putty, PS Core, All the RSAT, Azure, and O365 PS plugins
  • mRemoteNG, Notepad++
  • Dropbox SecureCRT RoyalTSX BBEdit VMware fusion pro Various tools from objective see: block block and lulu, sometimes others
  • Putty and Firefox, for everything else I can putt along with built in Windows 10 tools
  • Remmina, PowerShell Core 7, Firefox Nightly, Wireshark, Samba, and VSCode
  • 7-zip, Ssh (windows), Vs code, Git, blender
  • RSAT Hyper-V Putty Git VSCode SSMS PDQ Visual Studio VirusTotal Uploader
  • VSCode w/ PowerShell extension. -RSAT tools for AD. -SCCM console or PDQ Deploy, Notepad++ -7zip -sysinternals suite
  • Anydesk, VNC, Powershell, VMWare Workstation
  • Notepad ++, SimplyFile, RoboForm, New Edge Browser, SnagIt, and my new favorite (background noise cancelation virtual mic)
  • install FF, Chrome, NotePad++, Then I install WSL and then Debian.
  • Telnet, RSAT, SSRS

Written by Dan