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Understanding PKI for busy folks

Public-key infrastructure (PKI) is a term for everything that has to do with web encryption beyond. This is a list of main terms to understand what it is and how it works. Public-key cryptography Public-key cryptography uses keys of two parts: public key and private key. You need your...

How to Keep Covid-19 From Killing Remote Access

The Coronavirus can't be stopped and the implications are quite clear: the next 3-6 months will see large numbers of people off work, and we can already see a huge increase in remote working—which depends entirely on the IT infrastructure working. As a recent Let's Encrypt incident...

Browser Updates To Kill 850,000 Web Sites

The days of old TLS versions are nigh. All major web browsers - Safari, Mozilla, Chrome, and Edge - will disable support of TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1. The old and insecure versions of SSL protocols. Browsers will phase out the old versions this and next months. According...

Let’s Encrypt Revokes 3,000,000 Certs

Bottom line - if your certificates are affected and you will not renew and deploy new certs within hours, you will have effective downtimes - certificates will be revoked and invalid. The estimated total is 3 million, of which 1 million are duplicates. Let's Encrypt celebrated its success...

About KeyChest

KeyChest is here to manage your certificates so YOU can do the better things We founded KeyChest with a simple idea and goal - fully automate HTTPS management for your business. It started as a pet project as we got tired of being reminded that some of our...

Fighting the ‘Good’ Internet War

Dan, 26 Feb 2020 We propose strategies for defenders to regain the initiative and push security solutions far beyond the reach of current security tools – yet those strategies start mirroring the actions and technologies of the bad guys, and confront us with important technical, legal and moral...

Why HTTPS Matters for Busy Folks

This is my second blog post explaining the concepts of HTTPS. I will focus on the importance of HTTPS and how it affects the internet. My previous text PKI for busy folks looked at the concepts of certificates and PKI. While it attempts to simplify, it still contains loads of...